SADE FLEX or how to deep condition curl/afro hair

Use any of the oils you have at home. I used coconut oil and almond oil, something I add olive oil. I make a mix and add some of my normal conditioner as a substance to hold it all together.

If you have a whole day to deep condition then I have also added a banana and half an avocado and an egg yoke.

Once you have your mix put it all over your hair (you will need lots of the lush hair of yours) then tie in a bun - my hair is short at the moment so I didn’t tie it u - and cover in a plastic bag. Again IF you have some time then first put on cling film then plastic bag.

Get a hand towel and soak in boiling water, squeeze excess water out and cover your plastic covered head with it. Finally cover with another, bigger, towel. This will essentially creates a steam situation for your hair.

This all result is soft soft hydrated hair ready for more assault form this wonder of British (or the eather of your endroit) weather.