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Repost via @melissad_rmt joy run #Canada! || JOY RUN // TORONTO CARNIVAL EDITION!! Hey run fam, @joy_run is celebrating their 1 year runniversary this summer and we’re helping them celebrate! // started in the UK by @lltah Joy Run bridges music and running together for a monthly fun run and jam session on the streets! // their very first run was to SOCA // Elelta needed a lift and return to some fun in her running and there’s nothing more infectious than the rhythm of sweet soca music! // she grabbed her girls, made a mix and off they went! // JOY in their steps // One of Elelta’s Joy Runners is coming to Toronto for Carnival this summer and what better welcome than to show her some #crewlove and show you all some sweet soca love by having a TORONTO CARNIVAL JOY RUN! // Sunday August 3, 2014 on Olympic Island // Let me know if ur interested as I can get a limited amount of tickets to the official island event! (Tix are normally $20) // we’ll RUN, SWEAT, then FETE! // time is to be confirmed - but it will likely be a short distance midday run (also working on bag check options) //the carnival event will feature live music, food and drink! If you’ve never experience Toronto Carnival-here is your chance!

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My Mother, the intrepid, the bold and brave

I wrote a blog about my mother, the intrepid. In times of good and bad my mother is my shining light.

This is my mother, she is almost 60 years old but look at her, even in a still image she vibrates with life. I have had a lot of changes in my life this year, most if not all have been changes for good. 2011 and 2012 were not the best of years but through…

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When Rivers run solid

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Just for winter

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You guys KNOW I love a piano and Canada so how excited was I to get an email with news of a Haitian Canadian Piano man’s album release on Wah Wah 45.

And to boot he kinda looks like Anthony Braxton, well the chops anyway. And you know how I love me some facial hair.

Henri-Pierre Noel’s LP called Piano is awesome. There is a song called Ianvanoo, it is pretty much a seduction tune. It not on the sneak preview soundcloud linke below but trust me, if you wanna get someone into bed play that song and feed them cheese.

The original LP is sort of rare and goes for like £200 but you buy this reissue form Wah Wah 45 via Kudos Records on November 26th.

I will write a little more about Henri-Pierre a bit later on but for now just have a listen to this music cos the detail is not really important a Trouble from WFMU said to me the other day. More on my visit to WFMU later.

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So, remember I told you that there would be some Canadian musical goodness coming your way? Well, here is it, Jesse Futermonee (ok, its Futerman but listen to this, can you help saying Futermonee? No, didn’t think so)

This is just the snippet reel, the whole thing comes out in June, 4th which is like (well more like actually) very soon. Note that since Jesse Futermonee is CANADIAN and not American, the EP is not coming out on July 4th.

The whole thing is pretty great but look out for the sex track, 40 Hats fot 40 Cats. Soundtrack to some lovin’. 


Jesse Futerman - Fuse The Witches (Snippets)