Hi. I am Ellesbells.
I run nothing to display and others. check out the sites...


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I’m getting my hair did like this.

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Town of Runners

I immigrated from Ethiopia when I was a lil’ chile.

Used to run like it was breathing. Stopped running when I got plonked the the good Catholic girls school in London.

15 years on and I am running again. And this documentary is also being made, looking forward to its release.

The producer is of no relation, Demissie is a surname more popular than I thought.

personally I think this image show say two amhara women since amharic is the language but wwhat do I know

Two Amharic women pose holding umbrellas to shade themselves, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 1931 (autochrome), Moore, W. Robert (fl. 1930s) / National Geographic Image Collection  / The Bridgeman Art Library

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Who are you? A question of Identity.

This question is something that I have been trying to answer for myself for a long time and have been doing a lot of reading around the subject. While I have read published books I have also been reading the work of the general public, thanks to blogs and Facebook, and what I have found is that identity and the question of identifying oneself is a difficult, lonely, sometime violent journey.

I am currently reading On Identity by Amin Maalouf and it has helped me organise my thoughts regarding identity; its importance and its fluidity. I will be writing about identity and attempting to find, if possible, an identity that I am happy with.

I will also be working on a comic book idea(Our Long Story - working title), which I hope will answer some of my questions on my national identity as well as a cook book(Eat alicha). I shall also be working on my social business network idea(nothing to display- site yet to come but you can read the blog).

Come, read, and tell me what you think.