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[Track Of The Day] Kendrick Lamar - Real “..But when you do make it, give back, with your words of encouragement”

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Video Of The Day - Hip Hop & Science Fiction: Gabriel Teodros at TEDxRainier

“Humanity is this; we are little cells in a gigantic body learning how to listen each so the body…

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[Three Of A Kind] Soundtracks From The Edge from Marc Seven

[Three Of A Kind] Soundtracks From The Edge from MarcSeven “Only irks me that It ends before the sax solo fully unloads”

Marc Seven, of NOT Jurassic 5 fame, is responsible for some of biggest of my life’s awakenings. Music being one such awakening. He was one of the first people to show me that listening to commercial R’n’B can quite easily co-exist with listening to metal,…

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[Friday Mix] On A Wednesday from Martelo


Serious 25 minute nostalgia making mix.…

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[Track Of The Day] Haleek Maul - Inebriated. “Shallow breath my love // Shallow sex my love.”

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[Track of the Day] Extra Medium @SamChamp_BKNY X @Buscrates - Know Thy Self ft. Miles Bonny & John Robinson #EllesbellsMusicLoves

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ooooh Savage Ballet in West London. NICE.


This Saturday I’ll be spinning at Mau Mau Bar

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