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Hi. I am Ellesbells.
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[Three Of A Kind] Soundtracks From The Edge from Marc Seven

[Three Of A Kind] Soundtracks From The Edge from MarcSeven “Only irks me that It ends before the sax solo fully unloads”

Marc Seven, of NOT Jurassic 5 fame, is responsible for some of biggest of my life’s awakenings. Music being one such awakening. He was one of the first people to show me that listening to commercial R’n’B can quite easily co-exist with listening to metal,…

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A mix with all the swearing, lyrical dexterity and word play you could want. 

Got a few new tracks. One from TWINSMATIC, a French artist who I know very little about, once from Angle Haze who I am growing to love and one last one which is new but made from two old and good tracks