A list of lists of 2011 things

So here is this list of lists, I dont mean in the sense that its the best list of all the list but very literally, its a list of other lists. 2011 is about to end and for a few week t’interweb has been aflutter with summations and reflections. Some have been fun, other have been blah to say the li(es)st. 

Mostly this is a list of musical bests and tops (or slapped! as THEESTATISFACTION names their list) but some aren’t. Most are positive but one is def (it’s not def in that definition either I suppose since its a hate list - kinda speaks to that NPR article I posted on twitter the other day) not positive unless you take it as constructive criticism.

Enjoy and discover some ish that will be out of date by tomorrow(if you are on my side of the world, you know near or behind GMT). BUT as you might know I am all about being late, avoid the hype and quietly enjoy life and its pleasures slowly.

Pitchfork top 100 tracks of 2011? Oh really? even if it is your job are there enough hours in the day to listen to all music to make this list accurate? Well, I suppose this is my point, list are fun and inaccurate but aid in discovery and promoting. Anyway, list starts with Pitchfork and ends with on from Afri-love. 


In this lil list Kelly Rowland’s Motivation sits side by side with tUne-yArDs and ASAP Rocky (ugh who I DO NOT LIKE). 

Five Charts That Explain the Year in Politics from the New Yorker


Mystro Uk Rap Up on 1Xtra as ripped and posted on SoulCulture


Fact Mag 50 best track of 2011. This one is kinda my fav in the discoveries stakes since I knew of ONE track on her so lovely lovley brand new old (second hand) music for me in 2012


This here right here is called the Hate list. Funny. Funny. So much Vitriol.


This one from Inc.com sort of  goes against the whole ‘out of date by tomorrow (1st of Jan 2012) since its a forward looking list of start ups to watch out for. So sue me, I was dream when i wrote this list.


KEXP end o’ the year count down. I love KEXP and I love Seattle(never been there of course!). That is all.


Okay Africa’s top 11 music Vid of this year. The Just A Band one is THE ONE. In fact imm going to embed it here so you don’t have to go far to see it


Kichwateli from Studio Ang on Vimeo.

One for down under, thanks for Gafin for this one. It’s TRES to the point this one.   A list, no faff no chat just a list.


NY Mag list of top albums of 2011. One of the things I like about this one was that the comments complained that its to not mainstream enough and that the writer was trying to be ‘cool’. This was the one that actually started this list of mine since I thought it was silly of the commentor to admonish the writer since it was all subjective


Fact Code Design’s list of best interfaces of 2011

This one I found vie Brian Picker on twitter and it has little to do with music BUT with the move of music consumption to digital is kind of have a kinship with all the music lists I have. Esp since one of the things featured is Planetary a space based music visualisation app for the ipad


The Wire’s list. C’est tout. It’s a list to peruse. It’s good.


This one I really like. A LOT. Best under the radar re-releases on Rolling Stone’s site and shout out goes to @DRoseTimes for putting me on to it.


Ignore that fact that the site is a bit rubbish (they should prolly talk to some of the interface designers above) this has a GREAT list of books if one is interested in Africa and African ideas/issues/businesses etc.


Photos? Of animals? Alright then! 


So THEESTATISFACTION’s list of most slapped, while its not a summation of the year of the whole world or whatever it is a reflection of their year, which I like, and I like them. They are cool in the most def way.


Last but not li(ea)st its the musical journey of a blog that is close to my heart. Afri-Love. I remember when Miss K told me about it, and now look at it. Blooming. Here is a list of Miss K’s musical discoveries.


Ok, thanks, bye now. Have a good night. Hope your morning is going well.

p.s. I didn’t spell check. oh well. That’s my new year’s resolution?

*The New Yorker List comes for the MASSIVE list below, there is a shed load of facts opinions posits here:


** I wanted to put this one for HipHopHypeDog in but I only found it the other day and I havent actually looked through it so cannot comment but looks like one to have a look at: